Why Yoga?

As an aspiring Yoga Teacher I have to face this question more than often.

My colleagues, family members and friends usually startle me with this question. And I myself wonder about it. Why not just do some fun sports like swimming, skating, cycling, etc. They provide you with similar exertion and release of stress.

To this I would say, sports are a great way to build up stamina, refresh from a hectic work week and stay in a great shape. But if you add Yoga to your life, it is going to take all your other practices including sports to a whole new level. Below are few points that might make you rethink.

Following points do not suggest to quit any other sports but just how Yoga practice could complement them in a nicer way.

  1. Improves posture
    Working long hours on computer are slowly going to droop your shoulders without you having any idea about it. The only way to get them straight up is that you tighten your shoulders with a strap band few hours a day. Better way? Do a mountain pose. They will bring them back to where they belong. Or…

2. Improves blood circulation with better breathing
But this can be easily achieved by any other sports, you ask? There is a slight difference. Due to our stressful life, we tend to breath from our upper thoracic region unlike babies who breathe through their abdomen.
Due to this our intake of fresh oxygen is limited. Yogic breathing helps you get back the capacity of breathing using your whole thoracic region.

3. Keeps those nasty illness away
Yoga postures have a way to provide a gentle massage to your internal organs. And who does not like a good massage? Same with organs. By constantly giving them some movement they stay in shape and provide efficient functionality throughout your life.

4. Improve flexibility
This is a no-brainer. All those twists are definitely going to remove rigidity and loosen up the stiff muscles. If you are doing sports, you are already at a good level. Now by adding some flexibility you are not only going to do your sports better but you will also have a lesser post-sports pain.

5. All in one
We do sports for physical body and we meditate for our mental body. But all this is too difficult to keep up with when you are working full time plus additional work of cooking and cleaning the house. Yoga practices usually involves being in a meditative state while doing your postures, giving you the benefit of both — exercise and meditation.



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I am a Yoga Teacher and a Software Developer. I like peace, good health and good environment.