Why developers need to change their diet

Symptoms that you are not eating right

  • Constant urge to grab a soft drink during meals
  • Need for constant coffee to keep yourself awake
  • Feeling more and more exhausted as you go through your week
  • Waking up more and more late as you go from Monday to Friday
  • No energy left to do anything by the end of the day
  • Craving sugar and chocolates constantly
  • Feeling dull during afternoons right after lunch
  • You don’t feel great physically — feeling fatigue is a part of your daily routine.

Drinking hot water to combat coffee addiction

I drank 4–5 cups of coffee every single day, because it made me think that with coffee I am more awake and can program better. Whom was I kidding? I programmed well because I worked hard, slept well and remained focused at work. Overtime, I realized there is no point of such heavy doses of caffeine. However, I wanted to take a break and drink something hot. I started drinking hot water when ever felt I felt like I want coffee. Slowly my coffee intake reduce to 1 cup of coffee and 4 cups of hot water. And my performance and productivity at work remained unaffected. No green tea, no herbs, just whole glass of hot water and you are good to go.

Picking a fruit instead of a sugar drink

That fizzy drink on a hot summer day must feel like heaven in a bottle. Forget summer, it tastes good even in winter. It is so common to see developers grabbing a fizzy drink for a long meeting or during a meal. I do it too sometimes. Life is hard and that bottle of cold carbonated sugar water does bring some instant relief. But lately, I drink a glass of cold water before I pick up a soft drink, and most of the times the urge to drink the cold drink vanishes. If I still feel the need of some sugar, I usually keep some sweet fruits (grapes, oranges, kiwis, etc) with me which I can readily peal and have. My mind and body, both feels great not only because fruits have anti-oxidants to keep you refreshed and natural sugars to keep you energized but because I could say no to those artificial sugars.

Munching on dry fruits

Tasty dry fruits are the way to go when you are extremely hungry or want to munch on something. Just a few dry fruits will give you the energy you need for the next couple of hours and keep you satiated. You can even opt for a saltier or roasted version if you feel like having something more tastier. They are one of the best sources of all kinds of nutrients and keeps your brain active.

source: https://makeameme.org

Wednesdays + Weekends = Cheat Days

Wednesdays are scientifically proven to be one of the most tiring days. You are on the lowest of your energy on this day because you are in the middle of the week and the excitement of the weekend has not kicked in yet.


These were my few pro tips to start with. Speaking out of my experience these are super easy to follow and can help you live a healthy lifestyle without putting in much extra effort or changing your eating habits drastically. We do important work and it is important to have a healthy lifestyle. And being a hot developer is anyway more fun than just being a developer. So keep trying to stay on the healthy side and see the difference.



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I am a Yoga Teacher and a Software Developer. I like peace, good health and good environment.