(Pretend to ) Be a good C++ developer!

If you are reading this in 2020 and you come across a geeky C++ Software developer, just ask them “Have you tried C++20?”

If they say yes, be very appreciative and criticize openly on how some folks still stick to C++11 and how backward their their thinking is just like their C++ standard.

source: https://me.me/

2. If a C++ developer approaches you with their unsolved coding problems

Pretend to listen very carefully, nodding your head a few times, look towards the ceiling and show them you are thinking very seriously about what they just said. Make some calculations with your fingers.

source: https://memegenerator.net/

3. If you hear words like “pointers”, “address” and “references”

There are two kinds of pointers — raw and smart. Smart pointers have 3 sub-types — unique, shared and weak.

You don’t have to be the primitive one.

4. Criticize if-else conditions

if-else conditions are block of codes that programmers write to execute different blocks of code. If you hear about or see such if-else conditions, criticize heavily on this piece of code. Most developers write if-else because they are syntactically easier. You can put them in self doubt by asking : “I bet this could be refactored to get rid of the if-else block!” and pretend to think deeply.

5. Ask “what about the tests?”

Every code needs to be tested by unit testing framework. It is one of the most scandalous topic for programmers.


I hope you enjoyed reading my pun article and learnt a few tricks which you can pull out of your sleeves to look like a pro developer. Stay tuned for more such articles on tech and health.



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